RSM International Network

Flexibility, sustainability, comfort, and internationality are the values embodied by the new Milan headquarters of the prestigious international network RSM.

The Italian firm providing tax, accounting, legal, and corporate advisory services for the esteemed international network RSM boasts over 57 thousand collaborators and a presence in 120 countries, ranking sixth among international providers of professional services to businesses.






Lorenzo Zandri


Milan, Italy

The project idea stems from the desire to enhance the natural light coming through the large facade openings, connecting the interior and exterior. The layout, spread across a single floor of 1200 square meters, features full-height glass partitions that allow natural light to reach all spaces, offering better utilization of the areas, energy savings, and operator well-being. This setup enhances productivity, reduces visual fatigue, and fosters a sense of well-being. A selection of sound-absorbing boiserie delineates the work units, providing fresh atmospheres and great visual and acoustic comfort. This design approach diversifies the numerous flexible and multifunctional areas, with almost complete continuity between work and relaxation zones. Ceiling-mounted acoustic panels in the circulation spaces provide high isolation against internal noise propagation, doubling as artistic accessories.

The biophilic design, aimed at integrating nature and the built environment, permeates offices and meeting rooms, acting as a natural filter between spaces and a connective fabric between environments, enhancing: i) air quality through the use of air-purifying plant species; ii) reducing noise propagation; iii) lowering stress levels; iv) stimulating concentration and productivity. The operational and meeting furniture, custom-designed based on required functions, features a precise range of colors and finishes that harmoniously dialogue with both the indoor environment and the Milanese landscape framed by the facade openings. An inside-out relationship roots the intervention in the context, rendering the interiors as almost extensions of the outdoor spaces and vice versa. A vibrant office, where natural elements, color choices, and material selections have been carefully considered for the well-being of those who will inhabit the spaces on a daily basis.