Roncolo 1888 | La Limonaia

Roncolo 1888 – La Limonaia

Old-world charm meets contemporary brilliance, creating an atmosphere of refined luxury.

The project involves the extensive renovation of the architectural complex of the Venturini Baldini agricultural estate, which includes Dimora Ancini and Villa Manodori, now transformed into a boutique relais nestled in the pristine hills of Terre di Canossa. The Limonaia revitalization project sees it transformed into the luxury restaurant of the resort.




DC | EF Studio

Project :



Pietro M. Fiori


Roncolo di Quattro Castella (RE), Italy
The fusion of the old iron structure with lighting design, inspired by lanterns found on fishing boats, elevates the space into a haven of timeless sophistication.

The old iron and glass structure is preserved in its entirety, as is the original beaten cement floor. Iron furnishings are tastefully added to the captivating structure, seen in both service structures at the counter and in planters that separate the dining area from service and kitchen zones.

Lighting creates welcoming and evocativee atmosphere

The design process extended to all furnishings, from the counter adorned with glossy green cement tiles to the selection of tables and chairs, culminating in the meticulous mise en place. Special attention was given to the lighting design and the selection of lights to create a welcoming and evocative atmosphere in the restaurant. In the restroom, the wallpaper completely envelops the visitor in a suggestive space that evokes the original use of the structure.

Architects: DC | EF Studio
Project : Restaurant
Photo: Pietro M. Fiori