Casa PL

A fluid and luminous mountain shelter at the foot of the Passo del Tonale, where the charm of tradition merges with comfort and modernity.

The vacation apartment in Ponte di Legno, at the foot of the Passo del Tonale, transforms a 120-square-meter space into a fluid and luminous area that enhances the view of the surrounding mountains.






Simone Furiosi


Ponte di Legno (BS)

Wood takes center stage, enveloping the spaces with its natural beauty and warmth. Cladding, fireplace, and brushed oak floors create a cozy mountain atmosphere. Tonalite stone enriches the fireplace and kitchen, integrating harmoniously with the wood. In the bathrooms, Piasentina stone offers tranquility and relaxation.

Carefully curated details, from the lighting to the fabrics, complete the harmony, creating an intimate and welcoming atmosphere. Custom-made furniture, crafted from premium materials and refined finishes, seamlessly integrate with the architecture, enhancing the charm of the local tradition.