Borromei Loft

An architectural masterpiece embodying the elegance, luxury, and innovation of residential design.

The project by Barbara Fassoni Architects was honored with the prestigious Silver A' Design Award in 2023 in the Interior Space, Retail, and Exhibition Design category. The award was granted for its exceptional level of innovation and demonstrated technical and artistic excellence. The design was praised for its ability to evoke positive emotions, wonder, and amazement.




Barbara Fassoni




Andrea Martiradonna


Milan, Italy

The inspiration behind this project was to create a space that unfolds like a series of secret rooms, reminiscent of Milan's historic city center. The aim was to transcend the structure of the ancient building through contemporary design, ensuring a modern atmosphere. Additionally, it was crucial to provide adequate natural lighting for all spaces, achieved by creating new openings that allow light to filter through a large skylight in the living area to the more private rooms.

The heart of the house revolves around the living room, characterized by a double row of five operable skylights and a fixed glass box measuring 7x2 meters. Surrounding this space are the kitchen, the fireplace with sofas and the TV area, the study area, and the music area, embellished by a small terrace enriched with a vertical green wall. The double-height entrance area acts as a hinge between the spaces of the three bedrooms, each with its own private bathroom.