10 Corso Como

The Gallery and Project Room of 10 Corso Como where fashion, photography, art, and design intertwine.

Founded in Milan in 1991 and recognized as the world's first 'concept store,' 10 Corso Como transforms the retail concept into a fusion of lifestyle and fashion. Under the guidance of Tiziana Fausti, the ecosystem of the first Milanese concept store evolves and looks towards the future, with an architectural transformation project signed by the interdisciplinary agency 2050+ and by HI LITE Next for the lighting design.






Cultural - High/end Experience


A. Ondeggia


Milan, Italia

The lighting design project for 10 Corso Como called for illumination that would match its new identity, centered around a concept of 'selective archaeology.' This approach involved removing materials and elements accumulated over time to restore the spaces to their original industrial character from the early twentieth century. Self-supporting movable walls and large pantograph tables allow for various solutions and volumes, while the platforms can host talks and meetings, embodying the concept of a hybrid and mobile Wunderkammer, yet with recognizable design and materiality.

The Gallery in its new guise brings to light the ring structure with double entrance. The Project Room is an innovative and cross-cutting space, capable of transforming according to the projects it hosts, where contemporary themes such as sustainability, activism, and human relationships develop through archival research, technological, and digital innovation.

HI LITE Next has met the project's needs with lighting solutions that enhance the beauty and functionality of the space. For the exhibition areas, we have chosen Artemide solutions, renowned for their ability to provide a perfect combination of ambient and focused lighting. This allows us to highlight artworks and products, adapting the lighting to the diverse exhibition needs with great flexibility. In the corridors, staircases, and bathrooms, we have opted for the elegance and functionality of Viabizzuno products. These solutions ensure uniform and pleasant lighting, creating a welcoming and safe atmosphere throughout all transit areas.