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About us

Founded in 2013, HI LITE Next has emerged as a leader in lighting design, home automation, and audio-video system integration. Situated in Milan's iconic Brera District, our studio and showroom spaces epitomize a commitment to immersive experiences and exceptional design. Embracing innovation, we seamlessly blend cutting-edge technology with unparalleled aesthetics, ensuring that each project—from inception to completion—transcends convention and achieves a harmonious balance of form and function. Our work is enriched by robust partnerships with industry leaders, esteemed lighting designers, and architects, enabling HI LITE Next to provide services and products of unrivaled quality."

Passion, expertise, and dedication are the cornerstones of our consultancy services. Whether it's acquiring a lamp, designing an illuminating project, implementing a home automation system, or customizing a product, we approach each task with meticulous attention and unwavering commitment. Our sole objective is client satisfaction. With an unwavering commitment to excellence, we strive to exceed expectations and transform spaces into extraordinary realms of brilliance and individuality.

Our Know-how

Our expertise transcends traditional boundaries, encompassing private residences, offices, commercial spaces, showrooms, hotels, and spaces devoted to well-being and personal enrichment. We extend our reach to unconventional settings, including museums, places of worship, parks, and representative venues. In every sector, HI LITE Next leverages its specialized know-how, collaborating with carefully selected partners and featuring the most esteemed brands in the market.

Our Services

Lighting and Light Control

Design and Implementation of Lighting Systems for Interiors and Exteriors
Supply of Lighting Fixtures
Lighting Control and Management Systems
Luminous Scenography and Installations

Home Automation and Integration

Home & Building Automation

Intuitive User Interfaces

Touch Panels with Custom Graphic Interfaces and Software Development

Coordination and Commissioning

Audio-visual Systems

Distributed Audio-Video Systems

Cinema and Conference Room Solutions

Digital Video Libraries and Archives

through Audio/Video Server

Engineering and Commissioning

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Embark on a transformative journey with us, where passion, innovation, and personalized service converge to illuminate your unique style, redefining the way you experience light.